About Connec

During the Dot Com boom, an innovative group of entrepreneurs utilized Online Marketplace to sell products to end-users. The company burgeoned, but was challenged by the management of mass amounts of customer information and sales orders. One of these entrepreneurs soon recognized that other companies must surely struggle with the same difficulties. A vision was born in which a single platform was utilized to manage, streamline, and automate the entire business and accounting workflow.


Management frustration led to Inspiration
An innovative group of entrepreneurs (yes, that's us) utilized Online Marketplace and an Ecommerce website to sell products to end-users. The company grew, but was challenged by mass amounts of customer information and sales orders. We were faced with too much paperwork, too many emails, and were tired of using Excel.


Connec was founded
Connec began developing web-based software that automates core business processes - sales order fulfillment, inventory, CRM, Ecommerce, and more. We implemented this software to our Ecommerce business, and our business became lean and efficient.


Connec began automating business operations with Connec Cloud ERP
After several successful implementations, Connec launches Connec Enterprise Solutions and began helping businesses automate their workflow and core business processes.


Connec re-invented its software
With years of experience in enterprise software, we believe features used by enterprises can also be extremely valuable to small businesses, and with that vision, we have re-invented our product from scratch. We enhanced and simplified our core product's user-interface with a new emphasis on collaboration. Connec now offers three product editions to improve the productivity and efficiency of small businesses.
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