Security First

As a cloud provider, our number one focus is security. Connec has dozens of security features designed to keep your data safe and secure.

Your data belongs to you, and Connec enables you to be in full control of your data.

Security Features
Role Security
Customize data access restrictions for different types of roles within your sales and financial departments.
File Permissions & Sharing
Define whether users in the same role can view or edit each other's data.
Workflow Approval
Set approval rules for expenses, quotes, and invoices generated by your employees.
System Security
Securely store and transmit data with multiple layers of security and protection.
Physical Security
Ensure peace of mind with enterprise grade hosting facilities and 24/7 onsite security guards.
Redundancy & Backup
Access your application and data even in cases of hardware failure or disasters.
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Simple Online Accounting

Create and send an invoice in seconds. Our customers reduced their time on data entry by more than 50%.

Auto-populate contact detail & items information save you time from manual entry.
Accounting Features
Chart of Accounts
Customize and add an unlimited number of financial accounts and sub-accounts.
Accounts Receivable
Track and automate your accounts receivable operations and tasks.
Accounts Payable
Streamline vendor payments and ensure stringent vendor payment and approval process.
Credit Cards Reconciliation
Record and reconcile expenses paid from multiple credit card accounts.
Create invoices in seconds and email them to your customers in html, PDF, or other formats.
Vendor Credits
Create, track, receive, and deposit vendor credits and refunds with ease.
Cash & Bank Reconciliation
Easily manage cash balances and reconcile transactions across multiple bank accounts.
Customer Credits
Issue, track, print, and pay customer credits and refunds with ease.
Expense Management
Easily handle claimed expenses and expense receipts for review and approval process.
Reporting & Dashboards
Easily generate financial reports and see details of your account balances.
Sales Tax
Simplify, streamline, and automate complex sales tax compliances.
Bills & Payments
Simplify your spending and bill payments to your vendors.
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Social Network for Your Company

Improve productivity by allowing your team to collaborate on business contacts, items, and financial records.

Collaboration Features
Customer & Vendor Collaboration
Stay connected with your customers and vendors to build stronger relationships.
Activities Management
Easily publicize your daily schedule to allow your employees to collaborate with you.
Real-time Notification & Feeds
View real-time news feeds on the tasks and activities performed by your employees, vendors, and customers.
Employee & Team Collaboration
Comment, follow, and collaborate on business matters with your employees.
Comment, Follow, Share
Comment, follow, and share contacts, tasks, activities, and documents that matter most to you.
Workflow Approval
Set approval rules for quotes, expenses, and invoices generated by your employees.
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Powerful Customer Insights

Gain a 360° view of your customers from their past records: notes, sales quotes, invoices, bills, and more.

CRM Features
Sales Dashboards
Instantly see your open quotes, recent sales, and your current sales.
Quotes & Estimates
Create quotes and estimates in seconds and email your prospects in html, PDF, or other formats.
Mass Email
Easily send promotions, newsletters, or company updates to all your business contacts.
Contacts & Leads Management
Easily store, organize, and locate information from your contact list.
Opportunities & Stages
Customize and track your sales process to gain insights into your sales cycle.
Customer History
Get a complete view of your customer's past purchases, open quotes, and more.
Role-Based Access
Customize data access restrictions for different types of roles - from sales manager to sales rep.
Sales Tasks and Activities
Set reminders and tasks to boost sales productivity and collaborate as a sales team.
Quote to Invoice
Instantly convert a quote to an invoice with a single click of a mouse.
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Manage & Share Your Products

Manage your product price list and details in one central repository and share them with your contacts.

Accounting Software that allows you to email product and service pricing details and catalog with one click

Email price list with one-click

Accounting Software product and item images gallery view

Image gallery for your products

Accounting software items pricing changes update notification to user

Instant updates on price change

Items Management Features
Mass Edit Items and Price
Easily mass edit pricing and details of your products or services on a single page.
Product Grouping
Classify your products into groups to better organize and manage them.
Best Selling Items
Instantly identify your best selling items by total sales and units sold.

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