Connec Redundancy & Backups

Enjoy data security and peace of mind with multiple layers of redundancy and backups.

Continuous Backups
Your data are replicated across multiple sets of database servers to prevent data loss. Connec will backup Customer's data using: transactional backup that is instantly backed up, full database backup every twenty (20) minutes, and full system backup every week.

Remote Backups
Even in the case of a disaster or catastrophe within a certain geographical region, your data are safely backed up in a different location and can be restored quickly.

Redundant Servers
Redundant storage and servers are used to keep your application and your data online and accessible - even during hardware failures.

Redundant Power
In addition to local power grid, onsite diesel-powered generators and uninterruptible power systems are implemented to deliver redundant power - just in case if any incident occurs. This ensures that your application and your data will remain online.

Redundant Connectivity
We use over 300 networks, on-net carriers, and Internet Service Providers with dark fiber pair, intercontinental cable landing points. Additionally, we utilize over 40 Asia Pacific carriers and Internet Service Providers - all to ensure that your application and your data will remain online and are readily available.

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